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Sports blazers, Club blazer and Military blazer

Perry Uniform are a specialist English manufacturer of jackets and blazers.

There is no better way to celebrate the heritage, sense of belonging and cameraderie within a club or society, than by commissioning your own bespoke jacket or blazer. Operating our own factory here in Leeds, close to the last surviving woolen mills of Yorkshire, we are proud of our track record in designing and tailoring beautifully embellished garments that are both eye catching yet practical. Walk tall in a Perry Club Blazer.

Whether your group is a sporting club, military regiment, school or university team, society or professional body we will design your own blazer with have a strong sense of identity and value the branding of their club inherent in a club blazer.

We source cloth woven from a variety of yarns all selected for their durability and feel, and woven in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our 65 year heritage in manufacturing quality products that are a proud reflection of your club.

Our blazers are designed to meet the unique heritage of your organisation and to build and enhance the brand value of your club. Designed with your club colours in mind we have a variety of styling details that can be incorporated in the garment. A strength of our club blazer service are the wide range of colour options, in both plain and stripe fabric, with a variety of embellishment details including contrast linings, embroidered crests, and garment edges trimmed in braid or cord to create a distinctive look. A final touch is that we will embroider each jacket with the owners initials.

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