Our commitment to You

Our Passion

We are passionate about school uniform. We know it’s a subject that can make you very passionate too. As such, we like to set boundaries at the start of the relationship, to prevent passions running high further down the line. And that’s exactly what this code of conduct is designed to do. It’s designed to tell you exactly what you can expect from us in given situations and highlight what we ask from you in return.

If you are dissatisfied about our service I want to be the first to know! Please read our code of conduct and should you have any feedback email info@perryuniform.co.uk

1. Our commitment to you on the phone

We will answer the phone promptly, we don’t like queues either
If we call you we will always check that’s it’s convenient to talk
If it’s not convenient, we will call you back when it is
If there is a problem, we will listen to what you have to say
We will also ask questions as we want sufficient information to be
able to resolve the problem as quickly as we can
If we have done something wrong, we will always apologise
We will respond positively and constructively, doing our utmost to
resolve any problems
We will always remain polite, calm and reasonable

What we ask in Return
That you remember that we are human; unfortunately mistakes do happen, and delays do occur, often for reasons beyond our control
That you also remain polite, calm and reasonable on the phone. Our staff take great pride in working for Perry Uniform and their wellbeing is important to us. We reserve the right to terminate telephone conversations that are threatening, aggressive or abusive.
Please note that telephone calls may be recorded for training purposes.

2. Our commitment to you with refunds and exchanges

We will provide you with a free returns label for every order
We will offer a complete refund, no questions asked, providing the goods are returned within 14 days unworn and in their original packaging with a completed dispatch note
Refunds will take no longer than 7 working days
We will send out exchanges at no extra cost

What we ask in Return
That you obtain a free proof of postage certificate from the Post Office for items sent back. In the unlikely event of an item going missing we can only replace it at no additional cost with proof of postage
That you take responsibility for ensuring all names are spelt correctly on personalised items such as printed named bags, name tapes/labels as we are not able to offer a refund once they have been printed. If in doubt please send us the names in writing via email (info@perryuniform.co.uk), post or fax.

3. Our commitment to you should garments be faulty

We will make every effort to deliver school uniforms of a good quality at a sensible price
We will only use suppliers from the UK and Europe to avoid child exploitation
We will regularly test our fabrics using experienced machinists to ensure that they are suitable for the everyday use to which school uniform is subject
Although we may not be legally obliged to replace an item that has been damaged after it has been worn, we will consider individual cases on their merits providing you genuinely believe the garment is faulty and it has been worn for less than one month since purchase.
Whilst we consider fabric and stitching defects to be genuine faults, we do not class items damaged due to incorrect washing procedures or accidental wear and tear in the same way.
If you do believe a garment is genuinely faulty and follow the steps outlined below, we will investigate the matter thoroughly
In our investigation we will talk to you to ascertain how the fault was discovered and what causes you have eliminated
If appropriate we will then invite you to send the item back to us
We will send the garment to be tested (this may take up to 4 weeks)
If the damage is due to incorrect washing processes or accidental wear and tear, the item will be returned to you with a full explanation, and no refund/exchange will be given
If the damage is due to fabric or stitching defects we will contact you by phone to agree how to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.
We will always act with complete integrity if something goes wrong

What we ask in Return
That you call us to report your concern BEFORE sending a worn item to us
That you conduct your own investigations as to what happened
That you also act with integrity; pockets torn during playtime football are not a design fault, nor are shrinkages that occur when items labelled "wash at 40 degrees, do not tumble dry" are subject to higher temperatures and a stint in the dryer

4. Our commitment to protecting your data

We will only send you information from Perry Uniform.
From time to time we make our mailing list available to suppliers of products that may be of interest to you. If you would prefer NOT to receive such mailings DO NOT tick the "Subscribe to Newsletter" box on the registration form

What we ask in Return
That you inform us of any change of address or contact details

5. Our commitment to a personal service

We will always strive to be professional, polite, friendly, honest and efficient in our dealings with you
We will offer expert guidance on all aspects of school uniform
Our advice on sizing will always be helpful and with your best interests at heart
We will keep a record of your previous purchases and our past conversations so that we can offer advice based on personal knowledge of you and your child
We will always make the maximum effort to get your items to you as quickly as possible

What we ask in Return
That you measure your child as requested so that we can give you accurate advice on sizing
That you tell us if you are in stressful circumstances. It’s not that we want to pry; it’s just that we genuinely want to offer the best service we can. We know how demanding pregnancies, house moves and divorces, for example, can be and it might be that we could find a way to make the uniform part of life much easier.

6. Our commitment on communication

We will acknowledge your written enquiry within 2 working days of receipt
We will provide you with written confirmation when items are not available when you place your order
We will update you when we become aware of any delays that we experience in delivering items in your order

What we ask in Return
That you provide us with your name, address and any reference numbers when you write to us
That you advise us when you change your address

Legal Details

Pricing accurate as at 2015. VAT at 20% is included in the list price where applicable. We try to describe and illustrate the colours and styles accurately. Please be aware that the print process is an art, not a science and this means that slight variations may occur.

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