Feeling Good about Uniform

TEN reasons to feel GOOD about School Uniform

We know that buying school uniform can sometimes seem like a costly and thankless task. Children grow, clothes that take a bashing 5 days a week, 30-plus weeks a year, inevitably suffer wear and tear and not every parent or child likes every element of any given uniform.

That’s why we decided to include a question on the importance of uniform in our most recent school and parent survey to see what people really think.

Whilst taste means that not everyone is going to agree on style and colour, amazingly every single parent and every single school were united in their belief of the importance of uniform.

So here are their top ten reasons to feel good about school uniform:

1) Equality
Uniform is a great leveller, it makes everyone equal. Less competition, less keeping up with the Jones’, less distractions

2) Bullying
There is less scope for bullying with a school uniform. Or as one mum so beautifully put it “the starting point is who you are, not what you’re wearing”

3) Ease
Mornings become easier. It removes the “what to wear” dilemma

4) Belonging
Uniform gives children a common identity and a sense of belonging

5) Practical
It’s designed to withstand wear and tear and adventures much better than high street fashion items

6) Better behaviour
Children behave better when they wear their uniform; it comes with a set of expectations as to what is and isn’t acceptable and children behave accordingly

7) Rules
Children learn the importance of obeying rules even if they don’t like them, a valuable lesson for life

8) Confidence
Children walk taller in uniform. They feel important and proud.

9) Work
Children have a much better attitude to work (and homework!) when they are wearing a uniform

10) Identification
Uniform gives the school a profile in the community and means children are easily identifiable on school trips.

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